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Laizhou Pengzhou Electronics Co., Ltd.(PZEC) is established in China in July 2001 and put into producing in 2002,it’s a high-tech enterprise consisting of technology research,producing and trading. We specialize in making the leading copper clad laminate(CCL).We have 200 employees, cover an area of 20000 square meters and equip with 2 producing lines. The annual production volume is 3.6 million sheets on average.
Our products are PZ-22F and PZ-23F(CEM-1),since upgrading the producing facilities in 2019,we have obtained more domestic clients than before,the average annual revenue has nearly doubled which has reached 200 million RMB.Besides domestic market,our products are more and more popular with the foreign clients such as Korea,Vietnam and India.
We always highly focus on the quality of products.Our laminates have been certified by China national Quality Certification Centre,the PZ-22F and CEM-1 have been awarded the United States UL Certification,and all of them meet the requirements of Europe ROHS and REACH regulations.
We have a strong team of highly educated researchers and managers.We will focus much more on foreign markets this year,we can offer you ideal specifications,competitive price and satisfied after-sale service,we anticipate the inquiries from world-wide friends, we are always waiting for you!

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Our products

The PZ-22 (G)F copper clad laminate produced by our company adopts new reinforcing materials and flame retardant epoxy resin. All indexes of the products meet the national standards and the environmental protection requirements of EU ROHS and REACH regulations.
The CEM-1 laminate is the key product of our company. With the combination of traditional and innovative technology, using new materials and epoxy resin, focusing on the requirements of PCB environment-friendly lead-free welding and SMT automatic processing,it has great quality advantages compared with other similar copper clad laminates.
Our laminate is widely used in high grade household appliances, military automation control, ultrasonic equipment, LED industry, instrumentation, power switch and communication field.

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