Pengzhou Electronics series Copper clad laminate:

The sheet sickness can be 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.6mm, etc., and can be customized.

the sickness of copper foil can be 18um,25um,30um,35um, etc., and can be customized.

The copper foil can be single side or double side and can be customized.

Introduction of our products:(22F)

PZ-22 (G) F copper clad laminate produced by our company adopts new reinforced materials and flame retardant epoxy resin. The heat resistance, flame retardation, warpage, water absorption, punching performance and CTI index of the products meet the requirements of national standards, and have obtained CQC product certification. The environmental protection index meets the requirements of RoHS and reach of European Union. Since 2006, it has provided the specified supporting services for Midea Group, one of the top 100 enterprises in China, and has cooperated with each other up to now. The board is the most common in the market, and is widely used in induction cooker, microwave oven, lighting equipment, electronic equipment, instrumentation, power switch and other fields.


●Excellent punching property, Suitable for punching at 45-70℃
●IPC-4101C/10 specification is applicable


General Properties

Test Item Unit Test Method


Test Condition Specification


Typical Value
Peel Strength(1oz.) N/mm 2.4.8 125℃ AABUS 1.75
Float260℃/10s AABUS 1.70
Thermal Stress Sec Float260℃/10s ≥10 20
Bow/Twist % A ≤1.5 0.4/0.55
Flexural Strength N/mm 2.4.4 Warp ≥242 300
Fill ≥172 240
Flammability Rating UL94 UL94 UL94 V-1 V-1
Surface Resistivity C-96/35/90 ≥1.0×104 1.0×106
Volume Resistivity MΩ-cm C-96/35/90 ≥1.0×106 1.0×108
Dielectric Constant Etched/@1 MHZ ≤5.4 4.5
Loss Tangent Etched/@1 MHZ ≤0.035 0.02
Arc  Resistance Sec 2.5.1 D-48/50+D-0.5/23 ≥60 120
Moisture Absorption % D-24/23 ≤0.5 0.28
Comparative Tranking Index V IEC60112 Etched/0.1%NH4CL ≥175 175

Remarks:Typical values for reference only Specimen Thickness:1.5mm 1/0
A = Keep the specimen originally without any process
C = Temperature and humidity conditioning
D = Immersing in distilled water with temperature control
E = Temperature conditioning