Pengzhou Electronics series Copper clad laminate:

The sheet sickness can be 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.6mm,etc.,and can be customized.

The sickness of copper foil can be 18um,25um,30um,35um,etc.,and can be customized.

The copper foil can be single side or double side,and can be customized.

Introduction of our products:(CEM-1)

PZ-23 (G)F ( CEM-1) is a new type of board developed by our company on the basis of the original PZ-23F board, combining the traditional CEM-1 board production process with self innovation, using new plasticizer and high Tg epoxy resin, focusing on the requirements of PCB environmental lead-free welding and SMT automatic processing in recent years:
1. The heat resistance of the product has reached 288 ℃ / 30s, which is more than 20s longer than that of the traditional plate.
2. The warpage of the Board meets the standard of ipc4101a (≤ 0.75%), reaches and stabilizes below 0.5%, which is 0.3% lower than that of the traditional board, reduces the bending probability of the board during hot processing, and improves the production efficiency of PCB reflow soldering and wave soldering.
3. The water absorption of the plate is greatly reduced. The water absorption of the traditional plate is 17-18 Mg (GB / T4723), which has a great impact on the hot working performance, dielectric properties, safety performance and storage of the plate. After the process improvement, the water absorption of the new plate of our company is controlled at about 8.5 Mg (GB /T4723), The heat and moisture resistance, chemical resistance, warpage and dielectric properties of the sheet are improved, the influencing factors of moisture absorption are reduced, the safety performance of electrical products is improved, and the adaptability of the sheet to the environment is increased.
4. The new plate adopts new materials for the production of plate character surface, which improves the appearance grade of plate, and can be comparable with the appearance of the same type of plate with the highest quality grade at home and abroad. In the process of PCB processing, when the screen printing on the character surface is missed, the ink adhesion will be improved, and the problem of losing characters and lines due to the smoothness of the board surface will no longer appear, which greatly improves the production efficiency of PCB processing.

The technical quality standard of this type of plate product is as follows:
The CEM-1 developed by our company has obtained UL safety certification (file number: e249104), Based on the implementation of CEPCP (G) – 23F model standard in GB4724-92, the performance of the product can meet the requirements of American ipc4011a standard (American electronic circuit interconnection and Packaging Association standard): heat resistance above 288 ℃ / the 30s (meet the requirements of environment-friendly lead-free welding processing); warpage: ≤ 0.4%; punching performance: 5-5-5; CTI index: 300V, and UV light blocking performance. The performance and environmental protection indexes of the product meet the requirements of national standards, EU RoHS, and REACH directives, and the performance and quality of the product reach the first-class level in China.


Excellent punching property, Suitable for punching at 45-70℃
IPC-4101C/10 specification is applicable

General Properties

Test Item Unit Test Method


Test Condition Specification


Typical Value
Peel Strength(1oz.) N/mm 2.4.8 125℃ 1.75
Float260℃/10s ≥1.05 1.70
Thermal Stress Sec Float260℃/10s ≥10 20
Bow/Twist % A ≤1.5 0.4/0.55
Flexural Strength N/mm 2.4.4 Warp ≥242 300
Fill ≥172 240
Flammability Rating UL94 UL94 UL94 V-0 V-0
Surface Resistivity C-96/35/90 ≥1.0×104 1.0×106
Volume Resistivity MΩ-cm C-96/35/90 ≥1.0×106 1.0×108
Dielectric Constant Etched/@1 MHZ ≤5.4 4.5
Loss Tangent Etched/@1 MHZ ≤0.035 0.02
Arc  Resistance Sec 2.5.1 D-48/50+D-0.5/23 ≥60 120
Moisture Absorption % D-24/23 ≤0.5 0.25
Comparative Tranking Index V IEC60112 Etched/0.1%NH4CL ≥175 175/300
Z-Axis Expansion ppm/℃ 2.4.24 E-2/105  TMA 100/320
% 6.0

Remarks: Typical values for reference only Specimen Thickness:1.6mm 1/0
A = Keep the specimen originally without any process
C = Temperature and humidity conditioning
D = Immersing in distilled water with temperature control
E = Temperature conditioning
The PZ-23(G)F product is satisfied with the test of “REACH”, as per the EU standard.