CEM-1 (back)


Get The Best Copper Laminates From The Leading Supplier!

Pengzhou Electronics is the leading CEM-1 manufacturer China that produces a vast quantity of copper-clad laminate and other such materials for numerous industrial applications. Our supplied CEM1 composite material consists of woven glass fabric surfaces and paper core combined with epoxy resin. The CEM laminate is frequently used in the printed circuit board industry. Easy punching, higher flexural strength, and excellent electrical properties are some highlighting features than paper-based grades. Additionally, CEM1 provides the best mechanical properties and punches well up to .093.

One of the more normal substrates utilized in ease electronic bundling is composite epoxy material (CEM) laminate. This paper presents a portion of the vital thermo-hygro-mechanical properties of CEM overlays used in printed circuit board creation.

What Makes CEM 1 Highly Preferred?

The CEM copper laminate is highly versatile and compatible with the lead-free reflow technology as it features a higher transition temperature than FR-4. It further comprises superior flexural strength—for instance, the dielectric’s ability to handle physical stress without breaking. Besides, CEM-1 back supplier is halogen-free, non-toxic, and doesn’t contain phosphorus as well as antimony. It also holds good dimension stability.

Our wide range of manufacturing products includes; Copper Clad Panels, Aluminum Clad Sheet, and Copper Clad Laminates. Being CEM-1 back supplier, we always make sure to provide such products using qualitative resources that can stand as per the required industry standards. Moreover, our supplied range is well demanded the market for its incredible features such as; highly efficient, highly durable, optimum strength, and easy usability.

We take the privilege of expanding our business as professional CEM-1 manufacturer China that can produce xpc, fr-1, fr-2, cem-1, fr-4 material; all of these products have been successfully approved by UL total production capability is 1 million sheets per month. The main perk you can avail by considering us includes;

  • Competitive price
  • Stable quality
  • Excellent service

As we’ve taken the initiative to develop your market, your cooperation can help us reach success within less time.

Benefits of CEM 1

  • Appropriate scratching and washing measures with right synthetic substances for single CEM PCB
  • Programmed UV light set solder mask and silkscreen quick
  • Exceptional single layer creation line
  • Auto V-cut and directing lines


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