CEM-1 (front)


Looking For Copper Clad Laminates? Come To The Leading China CEM-1 Supplier!

Pengzu Electronics is counted among the most trusted China CEM-1 front supplier and manufacturers in Shan dong. We offer quality copper-clad sheets, copper-clad PCB board double slid copper clad board, epoxy-based copper clad, etc.

Our supplied CEM-1 (composite Epoxy Copper Clad Laminate) consists of two substrates, whose fabric uses fiberglass cloth, and core material uses bleached kraft paper. However, the single-sided copper-clad laminate is the main product. WE PROVIDE the CEM 1 quite reasonably, regardless of undergoing numerous quality checks on different parameters to ensure top-class quality to our clients.

Features of copper-clad laminate include;

  • Provides flawless finish and stylish design
  • It comes with high-durability strength
  • Option of both side designs are available
  • Offers hassle-free installation
  • Offers longer service life

 Insight Into Properties Of Our CEM 1 – Copper Laminate

The manufacturing costs snf mechanical properties of Composite Epoxy Copper Clad Laminate (CEM-1) exist between somewhere of Epoxy Fiberglass Fabric Copper Clad Laminate (FR-4) and Paper Phenolic Copper Clad Laminate (XPC/FR-1), and it’s highly suitable for drilling and punching.

With the consistent improvement of CEM-1 products in terms of properties like; dimensional precision, Comparative Tracking Index (CTI), dimensional stability, etc., now CEM-1 has been already replaced CEM-3 and FR-4 laminates in many products as it brings a notable difference in cost.

At Pengzu Electronics, you can always find what you need in our broad selection of electrical & electronics, such as; electronic components, electrical & Telecommunication equipment & electromechanical devices.

Being a dedicated China CEM-1 supplier, we always ensure a complete variety in vast quantities. Regarding this, we provide two types of copper-clad laminates;

  • Cu-FR4 laminates – made of glass net & epoxy resin, covered with copper foil on one or both sides
  • Cu-CEM laminates – made of glass, paper, net & epoxy resin, covered with copper foil on one or both sides.

Perks & Application of Our Supplied CEM 1 laminates;

Perks of Our Product

  • Good heat resistance and moisture resistance
  • IPC 4101 specification is applicable
  • Plated through-holes are not recommended for the
  • Excellent punching property, Suitable for punching at 45ºC~70ºC
  • The electrolyte quickly attacks the cellulose core

Product Applications;

  • Power supply
  • Industrial Instrument
  • Display
  • VCR
  • Digital sound recorder



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