PZ-22(G)F (front)


We Supply Best Copper Clad Laminate!

Pengzhou Electronics is a leading copper-clad laminate manufacturer, which produces the best quality base materials for an electro-engineering industry and numerous other applications. Copper plates and sheets are widely used in many architectural and interior designing pursuits as a decorative listing.

They’re also used for making copper bottom vessels, which help make vessels conduct heat better. Our company’s PZ-22 (G)F copper-clad laminate approves new supporting materials and flame-retardant epoxy resin. All items’ lists satisfy general guidelines and the ecological assurance prerequisites of EU ROHS & REACH guidelines.

Penzhou Electronics is trusted by many reputable industries and research facilities when they look for reliable PZ 22 front manufacturers and when they look for top-quality metal powders and compounds.

Why Is Copper Clad Laminate So Useful?

Copper sheets are frequently galvanized before protecting from all kinds of corrosion. The thinner foils are used for tooling and adornment, while thicker sheets are used for sheathing. As a committed PZ 22 supplier, we supply customers with copper plates, brass rods, copper sheets, coil, tubing, and structures. All of our materials are cautiously checked and thoroughly inspected before even dispatched to prevent any potential repairs.

Copperplate and sheet find their use in a wide array of applications. Both offer excellent dimensional control and high crack resistance; this makes these materials easy to cut, machine, and form. It’s also used for electrical directing tape as a conductive copper foil tape, patch capable as warming component, EMI/RFI protecting for engines as a conductive copper foil tape, links bureau, and parts.

Product Specifications

  • Copper: min. 99.90%
  • Thickness: 0.018mm – 0.15mm
  • Grade: C11000, C12200, C1020
  • Temper: O, 1/4H, 1/2H, H
  • Electric Conductivity at 20°C: C11000 greater than 97%, C12200 greater than 80%, C1020 greater than 97%

Applications of Copper Clad Laminate

Our supplied copper-clad laminate is useful for;

  • Connectors & oscillation reeds
  • PCB field
  • PCB collector (electrode backing) materials
  • Garments accessories (eyelet, etc.)
  • Electric and electric springs, switches
  • Communication cable
  • Cable armoring
  • Mobile phone mainboard
  • Ion battery production lamination with PI film
  • Lead frames

For more information regarding PZ 22 – front, feel free to approach us anytime. We’ll make sure to provide you the best assistance and help you make a lucrative business plan.


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